Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Even the atheism loving BBC now provides ammunition to those who say that UK atheists will face an uphill battle in coming years

As indicated in a previous article at this blog, the news website Premier notes:
The decline in the number of people calling themselves Christians has halted, new figures suggest.
A small increase in the percentage of Brits who classify themselves as followers of Christ has been found in the British Social Attitudes Survey.

The report, which is published every year, has not been official released but the Sunday Telegraph has reported some of its findings.

The amount of Brits who say they are Christian has increase in the past year from 42 per cent to 43 per cent, it says.

Such a small change is within the margin of error in surveys but if it is to be believed it shows a decade long decline in Christianity has levelled off.
In the article A thermonuclear bomb of Christianity has hit the region formerly known as "godless Britain"
I point out how rapidly pentecostal Christianity is expanding in Britain and around the globe.

The Daily Mail reported about the BBC:
The BBC employs more atheists and non-believers than Christians, an internal ‘diversity’ survey has found.
The new research has been seized on by critics who accuse the Corporation of bias against Christianity and marginalising the faith in its output.

The survey found that just 22.5 per cent of all staff professed to be Christians
In addition, consider this information from from the BBC:
According to research published in December 2006, Pentecostals are the fastest-growing group of Christians in the UK. The research was based on an analysis of the English Church Census, carried out by the charity Christian Research and was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council....
 There are just under 1 million Pentecostals in the UK, and over 20 million in the USA. (March 2006)
During the last three decades of the twentieth century Pentecostalism grew very strongly and there are now over 250 million Pentecostals around the world, who make up more than 10% of all Christians. (Some writers suggest the number is more like 500 million.)
Pentecostalism is particularly strong in the developing world where it poses a serious challenge to other, more established, denominations.
Also, in a previous post, via Google trend data,  I mention how UK public interest in  atheism is falling (see:Google trends for the UK: Interest in atheism is falling ).

If course given that UK atheists are often allies of American atheists, these developments are encouraging to American evangelical Christians. .

UK atheism has been fed by weak, milquetoast Anglicanism dying out and people becoming atheists, but those days are coming to an end hence the recent report that Christianity may have grown in the UK recently.

Concerning the future of religion/secularism in Europe, the academic Eric Kaufmann wrote:
We have performed these unprecedented analyses on several cases. Austria offers us a window into what the future holds. Its census question on religious affiliation permits us to perform cohort component projections, which show the secular population plateauing by 2050, or as early as 2021 if secularism fails to attract lapsed Christians and new Muslim immigrants at the same rate as it has in the past. (Goujon, Skirbekk et al. 2006).

This task will arguably become far more difficult as the supply of nominal Christians dries up while more secularisation-resistant Muslims and committed rump Christians comprise an increasing share of the population
Atheists, welcome to the world of  "committed rump Christians".  With pentecostalism growing at an explosive rate, evangelicalism growing at a rapid clip and global atheism declining in its percentage of the world population, things are definitely not looking good for atheist activists around the globe. 

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