Monday, August 15, 2016

Google UK: Interest in atheism is dropping like a rock. Google trend data for the UK

According to Google trends, searches for the words and  "atheist" and "atheism" at Google UK is dropping like a rock.

You can see for yourself:

Searches for the term atheism at Google UK - Google Trends

Searches for the term atheist at Google UK - Google Trends

Searches for Richard Dawkins at Google UK - Google Trends

A word to British atheists

Cheerio British atheists. Keep a stiff upper lip while interest in British atheism implodes!

Will interest in British atheism keep imploding?

Consider The Telegraph article  below which deals with immigration to the UK and keep in mind that immigrants are often religious and non-white:
Luton, Slough, Birmingham and Leicester will have minority white populations within 30 years, experts predict.

Research also shows that the proportion of white people in every region of Britain will fall between now and 2020.

Prof Ludi Simpson, from Manchester University, forecast that Leicester will become the first "plural" city within 12 years, by 2019, followed by Birmingham in 2024.

He also suggested that the next towns to "go plural" will be Luton and Slough some time in the 2030s.
Immigrant creationists are flooding into Britain

Johns Hopkins University Press reported in 2014: "Over the past forty years, creationism has spread swiftly among European Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, and Muslims, even as anti-creationists sought to smother its flames."

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