Thursday, August 4, 2016

Interest in atheism's kissing cousin agnosticism is dropping too. The thrill of godlessness has gone away for good

In my previous posts at the blog Combatting Atheism, I showed via Google trends and other data how interest in "atheism" and "atheists" are both falling.

In addition, please see my previous post: 3 BAD trends for militant atheists

But how is atheism's kissing cousin agnosticism doing? Interest in agnosticism is falling too as can be seen below:

Google searches in the USA for the term agnosticism

 Global Google searches for the term agnosticism

Global Google searches for the term agnostic - Google trends

Google searches for term agnostic - USA 

Agnosticism and the the 21st Century

Professor Eric Kaufmann specializes in the demographics of the irreligious/religious and how it affects politics.  He is an agnostic.

On December 23, 2012,  Kaufmann wrote:
I argue that 97% of the world's population growth is taking place in the developing world, where 95% of people are religious. On the other hand, the secular West and East Asia has very low fertility and a rapidly aging population... In the coming decades, the developed world's demand for workers to pay its pensions and work in its service sector will soar alongside the booming supply of young people in the third world. Ergo, we can expect significant immigration to the secular West which will import religious revival on the back of ethnic change. In addition, those with religious beliefs tend to have higher birth rates than the secular population, with fundamentalists having far larger families. The epicentre of these trends will be in immigration gateway cities like New York (a third white), Amsterdam (half Dutch), Los Angeles (28% white), and London, 45% white British.
At a conference Kaufmann said of religious demographic projections concerning the 21st century:
Part of the reason I think demography is very important, at least if we are going to speak about the future, is that it is the most predictable of the social sciences.
...if you look at a population and its age structure now. You can tell a lot about the future. ...So by looking at the relative age structure of different populations you can already say a lot about the future...
...Religious fundamentalism is going to be on the increase in the future and not just out there in the developing world..., but in the developed world as well.
Agnosticism: The thrill has gone away for good! 

Oh, agnostics! The thrill of godlessness has gone away for good!

Please someone write the agnostic Richard Dawkins and tell him what bad shape the promulgation of agnosticism/agnosticism is in.

The thrill of godlessness has gone away for good!

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