Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What are the odds of the atheist movement becoming successful? 10 reasons why the atheist movement will fail

An atheist recently asked: "What's killing the atheist movement?".  The prominent atheist PZ Myers responded  with a post entitled What if the atheist movement needs to die?

The atheist movement is:

1.  Deeply divided.  See: Atheist factions

2.  Vastly outnumbered and this situation is expected to get significantly worse over time according to religious/irreligious demography scholars.  Atheism  has a 20+ year track record of losing global market share in terms of adherents. See: Atheist Population and  Desecularization

3.  Has a very poor reputation with those it wants to influence.  Its bad reputation has existed for thousands of years. See: Views on atheists

4.  Has poor leadership "leading" people who are traditionally apathetic, quarrelsome and arrogant. The atheist movement also put a very large portion of its eggs in the Richard Dawkins' basket only to see Richard Dawkins and the New Atheism movement implode. See: Atheism and leadership and  Atheism and apathy and Atheism and arrogance

5.  Atheists are not only distrusted by religious people, but atheists frequently distrusts each other. See: Views on atheists

6.  Poorly funded and often has mismanagement of funds. See: Atheism and charity
and Atheist nonprofit scandals and Atheist fundraising vs. religious fundraising

7.  Has no detailed plan or goals in terms of increasing its global market share. See: Atheists and agnostics: Where is your master plan to reverse your decline?

8.  It recently has developed a reputation for cowardly avoiding/backing out of debates (see: Atheism and cowardice).

9.  Has often relied on the power of the state to promulgate its ideology and silence dissent.  The historian Martin Van Crevel points out that sovereign states are losing power/influence due to technology democratizing access to information, welfare states increasingly failing, fourth-generation warfare being waged against countries and sovereign states increasingly losing their ability to maintain internal order. See: Atheist indoctrination

10.  Has low morale. See: Atheist pessimism about the atheist movement

If you were a betting man, would you place a bet on the atheist movement's success?


  1. You're assuming that atheism is inseperable from a movement. Atheism is an idea that people come to their on their own, not a social movement. With that assumption failing, your argument fails to meet the standards for evaluation.

    1. Setting aside the fact that the post was about the atheist movement and not atheism, please provide proof and evidence that atheism is an idea that people generally come to on their own and that their decision is not affected by the input of others. Please cite academic journals, studies, etc.