Friday, September 30, 2016

Atheist blogger: We’re fracturing our movement into a thousand tiny micro groups that will be useless

The atheist blogger David Smalley wrote in a post entitled What's killing the atheist movement:
When our “friends” on Facebook or Twitter make a comment that we find offensive or absurd, we are so quick to disown them and “take a public stand” immediately, that we’re fracturing our movement into a thousand tiny micro groups that will be useless against the larger powers we’re collectively fighting...

...where’s our Humanism? Where are the private and personal phone calls to work things out? Where’s our love for humanity,,

 when you don’t like someone’s opinion of a certain issue,,,you decide to attack his or her appearance, disability, weight, or anything else that may be a struggle for them, you’re being a bully, even if you think they were a bully first.

You may justify it that way. But the rest of us still see that as bullying, when you had the power to do something productive.

And that doesn’t lead to progress. It only leads to more fighting, smaller groups, and a more ineffective atheist movement for the greater good.,,,

Why are we so quick to look for signs, to see what side of an issue a person is on so that we know whether or not to publicly disavow him or her? What happened to looking at the humans behind the comments to see what’s fueling the rage, or misinformation?
 Notice how he says: "we’re fracturing our movement into a thousand tiny micro groups that will be useless against the larger powers we’re collectively fighting."

Thank God the atheist movement is so divided!  Divide et impera. That is Latin for divide and conquer.

I disavow you! You are not acting like a TRUE atheist. Whatever that is!

Atheists can't even agree on a definition of atheism (see: Definition of atheism).  If only there were not so many atheist poseurs masquerading as atheists when they are actually agnostics.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Why the Shadow To Light blog is one of the best blogs that covers the topic of atheism

The Shadow To Light blog is one of my  favorite blogs that covers the topic of atheism. It is the only Christian blog that I am aware of that almost exclusively focuses on the topic of atheism and posts regularly. And it is well-written and well-researched.

The Shadow To Light blog may be the only theistic blog in the world to regularly post on atheism (The blog Atheism Analyzed has diversified into covering leftist politics as well).

I spoke to a Christian apologists who mentioned the Shadow To Light  blog and he had a very favorable opinion of the blog.

Many  Europeans seem apathetic about the atheism vs. Christianity issue and outspoken atheists are a tiny squeak of the population in most of the non-European countries of the world.

The three main battlefronts related to atheism are: Europe, China and the United States (admittedly atheists are a very small percentage of the American population. According to Pew Research,  in  2012  2.4% of American adults say they are atheists).  The 21st century is not going to be kind to the atheist movement in Europe and China (see: Desecularization in Europe and Asian atheism). 

 Is there a Christian blog on atheism in Asia that posts regularly? Maybe, but I doubt it exists in China given Chinese censorship of the internet.

Are there any theistic blogs on atheism in Islamic countries? I doubt it. First, atheists are likely a squeak in the population of all Islamic societies. Second, the Islamic countries mainly oppose atheism via social ostracism, vigilante and family violence against atheists (Apostates to Islam are often killed in Islamic countries)  and laws against atheism (A Saudi outspoken atheists was recently imprisoned, fined and sentenced to 2,000 lashes to be given over period of time).

You can visit the Shadow To Light blog via this link: Shadow To Light blog