Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another sign the atheist movement in America has imploded: Cancelled atheist conferences

YouTube atheist Thunderfoot said about the atheist movement after Reason Rally 2016 had a very low turnout:
I'm not sure there is anything in this movement worth saving. Hitchens is dead. Dawkins simply doesn't have the energy for this sort of thing anymore. Harris went his own way. And Dennett just kind of blended into the background. So what do you think when the largest gathering of the nonreligious in history pulls in... I don't know. Maybe 2,000 people. Is there anything worth saving?

So is there another sign that the atheist movement in America has imploded?

Yes! Cancelled atheist conferences!

Behold the cancelled atheist conferences:

New Atheist Convention Cancelled

Looks Like Yet Another Atheist Conference is Cancelled

Note to Atheists: Don’t Run a Conference Unless You Know What You’re Doing

Reason Really 2016 Crashed and Burned

Thunderf00t vs. Eric Hovind at the Reason Rally 2012

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