Saturday, November 26, 2016

An additional sign the atheist movement has imploded. Reddit post: "Why is everyone mocking atheism all of a sudden?"

The social media website Reddit used to heavily promote atheism and had the atheism subreddit on its main page. Since then, internet atheism has imploded (See also: Internet atheism)

A 2016 Reddit post entitled Why is everyone mocking atheism all of a sudden? declared: "Now making fun of religion gets you labeled as a neckbeard or edgy, when like 2 years ago atheism was the main driving force of reddit?"
A member of Reddit responded to the post indicating:
A few years ago r/atheism had a "faces of atheism" campaign where people submitted pictures of themselves with some comment on atheism on them. It was so embarrassing and cringeworthy that the reddit mods removed r/atheism from the frontpage/main reddits because the reputation of the site itself was being tarnished. Since then, people started combining the (already existing) "fat neckbeard" stereotype with atheism and made parodies of the faces of atheism, like some ugly/underage fedora wearer saying cringe stuff like "intellect is my blade" etc.

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