Friday, March 17, 2017

China's Christian heartland: Highest IQ in China

A map of China's IQ by province can be obtained by clicking the link below: 

Chinese Jouranl of Endemiology- Owned by China ‘s ministry of health)
China map of China IQ Map by Sheng / Provinces,Zhíxiáshì / Municipalities,Zìzhì - TargetMap
sources: 2005

Abstract: Objective To study children's intelligence after universal salt iodization (USI) had been implemented for 10 years in China. Methods: The children of 8 to 10 years were sampled by population proportion sampling method. The samples were divided into groups according to the province, age, sex, urine iodine. Intelligence quotient (IQ) values were measured by the combined Raven's Test in China (CRT-C2). Results The mean IQ of children was 103.4

The Hindustani Times reported on December 25, 2016: 
The Christian faith is liberating amid a stifling political atmosphere.” It hasn't been liberating all the time, with the CPC launching intermittent heavy crackdowns on Christianity. A high-profile crackdown in the past two-three years was carried out in Zhejiang province, China's Christianity heartland.Dec 25, 2016

As you can see by clicking the link for the map above,  Zhejiang province, which is China's Christian Heartland,  has the highest IQ in China. In 2005, the average IQ is Zhejiang province was 115.8.  And that is significantly higher than the mean average of China which was 103.4. 

Furthermore, please read this article: The Protestant Work Ethic: Alive & Well…In China by Hugh Whelchel September 24, 2012

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