Thursday, July 13, 2017

The effects of defense of Christianity heavy artillery fire on the efforts of militant atheists

Christian apologetics is the defense of the Christian faith through logic/evidence based arguments. The word apologetics comes from the Greek word apologia (from Greek ἀπολογία), which means "speaking in defense".

Secular humanism is a form of atheism. Many atheist refer to secular humanism simply as humanism.

In June 2012, the UK based Dorset Humanists wrote:
There’s been a forceful backlash against the ‘new atheism’ of writers like Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens, inspiring a new wave of Christian apologists. This group includes: Alister McGrath, Professor of Theology at King’s College London, Keith Ward, former Professor of Divinity at Oxford, and John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. 
Many atheists make the mistake of assuming religion is wholly irrational, relying on faith alone but, in a series of interviews recorded for DVD, the apologetics heavyweights from the list above demonstrate their ability to challenge us with reasoned arguments.

Dr. Johnson C. Philip & Dr. Saneesh Cherian wrote in their work Introduction To Integrated Christian Apologetics:
American evangelical Christians have began to notice in the fifties that compromise is a slow poison that ultimately destroys respect for truth. Some of them came together and started writing aggressively on themes defending the historical and scientific reliability of the Bible. 
At the dawn of the twenty-first century the influence of this revival has spread all over the world, and today more than one hundred and fifty organizations function around the world, devoted solely to apologetics. Their influence has be so strong that a large number of Seminaries all around the world have begun assert the historical and scientific reliability of the Bible...  
...a revival set in motion among the evangelical Christians. This group became quite vocal and aggressive in the sixties, and by seventies they started exerting significant influence among theologians, thinkers, and the Bible teachers all over the world. 
Thousands of apologetic books, hundreds of magazines, and tens of thousands of articles have been produced defending the Bible since. In turn, this has started to diminish the influence of rationalists and radicals on Christians.

The heavy artillery fire of Christian apologists that has been raining down on atheism/agnosticism is having an effect as can seen below.  The attack of atheists has been halted.
The atheist enemy attaches great importance to the effects of his own artillery. We must do the same. By sheer weight of fire: morale is lowered, observation and movement hindered, control disrupted and their weapons become ineffective. These are the neutralization effects of artillery.
Wait until Donald Trump's forces of Betsy DeVos hit the beaches and more children go to private religious schools.  Wait until more Supreme Court justices hits the beaches and religious freedom is expanded even further. 
  • "First of all, religious belief is still very powerful and widespread, and there is nothing inevitable about its decline. In fact, the proportion of people who say they believe in God actually ticked modestly upward, from 86 percent to 89 percent, since Gallup last asked the question in 2014." - The American Interest, cited in the article American atheism

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