Saturday, July 29, 2017

Why the HMS Atheism is less seaworthy than the Titanic

Atheism has existed since biblical times. The Bible says, "The fool in his heart says there is no God".
However, issues such as the untenableness of an eternal universe (see: Atheism and the origin of the universe), a fine-tuned universe, the implausibility of abiogenesis are helping atheists to be seen as cranks by many thoughtful people. In addition, discontent among evoltuionists with Neo-Darwinism is growing with no plausible alternative being offered (see: Theory of evolution and little consensus and Recent clamour to revise the modern evolutionary synthesis). In addition, you have Global creationism growing rapidly due to the rapid growth of evangelical Christianity and Islam (see: Growth of evangelical Christianity).
Furthermore, you have the issue of atheism/agnosticism facing an acceleration of 21st century desecularization due to fertility/demographic issues; religious immigration to Europe of people resistant to assimilation; the growth of fundamentalism in Europe and many countries and the rapid Christianization of China. In addition, European nations are hitting "peak secular" (Northern Europe and recently the UK) and even atheists are beginning to realize the failure of the secularization thesis. After peak secular will come growing religious populations in Western countries. As far as America, peak secular will hit in the 21st century due to a rising hispanic population and the effects of globalization. When Americans see atheism/agnosticism imploding in Europe and Asia that probably will have an effect on public opinion.
All of these factors is having an effect of the morale of the atheist population plus you have in-fighting among Western atheism which is further degrading morale (see: Atheist pessimism about the atheist movement).
Right now, the issue of desecularization is being underreported in the press, but that is a very fixable issue. People are trusting the mainstream press less and less and the internet is causing more competition. In addition, a growing religious populations will force the mainstream press to cater to their customers in terms of their reporting. Once the mainstream press starts reporting on the matter of desecularization, people's herd mentality will further accelerate desecularization in the world and within Western societies.
And I expect the in-fighting to continue in Western atheism given: growing political polarization within society as a whole (sharp political differences are greatly helping to cause atheist factions); the quarrelsome nature of atheists and the fact that losing teams often point fingers on who is to blame for their troubles.
The agnostic professor Eric Kaufmann is entirely correct about the implosion of adherents to atheism/agnosticism and the rise of religious fundamentalism in the world. I should have seen this earlier given my university training in some of the social sciences and given the faddish nature of New Atheism. I should have also seen the reactionary nature of New Atheism as being a reaction to growing religious fundamentalism in the world, the resurgence of religion in many countries of the world and the failure of the secularization thesis.
I realize that many proud atheists would prefer not to see a collapse in the number of atheists in the world and engage in the fallacy of exclusion in relation to the above matters. Of course, that can actually work in favor in terms of aiding desecuralization in the world. The strategist Sun Tzu said in order to prevail, you must understand yourself, your opponents and the lay of the land. Denialists are at a distinct disadvantage. The crushing defeat of overconfident secular leftists in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and their post election shock that it happened is certainly testimony to this matter. Secular leftists meltdowns post election and the teary-eyed and self-described militant atheist/leftist Kathy Griffin saying of Trump "He broke me" does show me how fragile secular leftist morale is (see: Secular leftists and psychogenic illness). In the 21st century, secular leftists are certainly totally unprepared to deal with a "badass religion" like fundamentalist Islam. And of course, they are no match for Christendom which has a track record of growth for about 2,000 years.
Atheists did put up a significant degree of opposition to theism from the time of the French Revolution to around the fall of the Soviet Union. But William Shakespeare was right that the world is a stage and an unfolding story. In terms of the play as far as atheism/agnosticism vs. theism play, we are at the point of the denouement the play (the final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved).
Final note

Given that atheism has existed since biblical times, there probably will be some foolish souls treading water and practicing atheism before the second coming of Jesus Christ, but the days of the HMS Atheism proudly sailing the high seas is nearing an end. The HMS Atheism is taken on water and is being relentless battered by fierce winds and giant waves.

One thing for sure, Jesus has plenty of room in the lifeboat of Christianity for atheists who wish to flee the sinking ship of the HMS Atheism.

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