Thursday, January 18, 2018

The SJW atheist movement is a lost cause. It just had its debate Waterloo!

A blogger wrote about the Thomas Smith (progressive/SJW/feminist atheist) vs. anti-progressive/anti-feminist atheist Carl Benjamin (commonly know as Sargon of Akkad):
This was the most brutal debate I have ever seen... And Thomas started off so cocky too! He started off like he was about to destroy Sargon. Then slowly, the facial ticks started to display. The cold sweat, the nervous gestures. 
This is a[n]...amazing thrashing. I am speechless, I don't even know what I could do to add to this. If you want to watch someones world collapse, this is a really good resource just for that! You don't even need to care about the arguments. Like if you want to be a really good actor and you have to play the part of a SJW who is about to get savagely brutalized on stage for the entire world to see, look no further!
Most atheists have historically leaned to the left politically and this is still  the case, but right-wing atheism is growing.  And the growth of right-wing  atheism within the atheist population has split the atheist movement and has effectively killed the atheist movement (See: Atheist activist Seth Andrews keeps seeing reports on social media and the media that the atheist movement is dying ).

A large portion of the atheist population lives in Europe. And the right-wing populist surge in Europe has far from peaked and this is easily the most significant change to the European order since the end of the Cold War (see: Right Wing Populism Could Become ‘New Normal’, No End in Sight For Surge: Tony Blair Institute ).  And what happens in European atheism is bound to spread to American atheism.

Throughout the interview/exchange/debate, the two parties showed much contempt for each other with Smith launching much invective and Benjamin mocking Thomas.  As far as the substance of the debate which largely focused on politics, Smith fared poorly.  And his body language was of an angry and nervous man.  And near the end of exchange, Thomas angrily and cowardly left the debate stage. Of all the debates I have seen, I would have to say that this debate was the most embarrassing for the loser. And Carl Benjamin is no intellectual giant so Smith's loss is doubly bad for the progressive/SJW atheists.

Leftists have a reputation for dodging debates. So progressive/SJW (social justice warrior) atheists  are unlikely to turn things around in terms of the debate front. In other word, they just had their debate Waterloo.

For Christian commentary on the debate, please see: The Thomas Smith vs Sargon of Akkad Debate was a Total Waste of Time

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