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More bad news for British, militant atheists: Anglicanism, Evangelical Christianity,charismatic/pentecostal Christianity and Islam are growing in the UK. Non-religious portion of the UK sees a decline

According to a 2016 BBC documentary, pentecostal Christianity is the fastest growing form of Christianity in the UK. In 2016, there were 500,000 pentecostal Christians in the UK according to the documentary.

In 2010, the American sociologist Peter L. Berger said of pentecostalism :  "One can say with some confidence that modern Pentecostalism must be the fastest growing religion in human history."

In 2016, Christianity Today declared:
Christianity in Britain is seeing a "seismic shift" as more aging churches are closing down and giving way to new and vibrant Pentecostal and charismatic churches that are drawing more and more people of various ages and races.
Assessing the state of Christianity in Britain, a recent Religion News Service report pointed out that in the past six years, 168 Church of England churches have closed, along with 500 Methodist and 100 Roman Catholic churches. 
But even as aging Church of England congregations decline, charismatic churches are sprouting and welcoming new members into their fold.
According to an analysis by The Times of London, for every Anglican church that has closed over the past six years, more than three Pentecostal or charismatic churches have taken their place. 
Unlike the old churches, the Pentecostal and charismatic churches are drawing people of all ages and races, including black, Asian and mixed-race people.
In fact the Pentecostal church is considered as one of the fastest growing Christian churches in the world, with an estimated 500 million followers, the report said. 
The Pentecostal church is reportedly bringing renewed hope to many people in Britain as attested by its growing membership. 
"I am optimistic that we will see this nation come back to God," said Pastor Agu Irukwu of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. The Pentecostal group, founded in Nigeria, now has 600 congregations across England. 
"A century ago the face of European Christianity could have been labeled as white, but now it is increasingly becoming multicoloured," Israel Olofinjana, a Nigerian-born minister in London, told the Times.
In 2014, First Things published an article on the growing movement of charismatic Christianity/pentocostalism in the Church of England.

Conatus News reported today:
Church of England worshippers increase 0.8 per cent since 2009. The number of non-religious people falls from 50.65% to 48.6% 
Rise in Church of England worshippers likely due to resurgence in patriotism and pride in Christianity, a report has found 
According to a new report, for every person brought up in a non-religious household who becomes a churchgoer, 26 people raised as Christians now identify as non-believers. 
The study, which is based on an analysis of the British Social Attitudes Survey and the European Social Survey, reported that the proportion of non-religious in the UK hit a high of 50.6 per cent in 2009. However, it has been decreasing ever since and hit 48.6 per cent in 2015. 
However, the proportion of those who identify as Church of England worshippers has seen a slight increased from 16.3 per cent in 2009 to 17.1 per cent in 2015.
A 2012 report shows that evangelicalism is rising in the UK (see: UK: The rise of evangelicalism is shaking up the established church ).

In April of 2011, Thomas Seymat reports in an article entitled Immigrants strengthen Christianity in the UK that half of the new immigrants to the UK that 50% of recent immigrants to the UK are Christian.

Thomas Seymat declares:
...African Pentecostals are the fastest-growing denominations. “In Lewisham, there are 65 Pentecostal churches serving the Nigerian community, and others serving the Congolese, Ghanian and Ivorian communities,” says the report. It adds, “perhaps the most significant change has been the growth of Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity within migrant populations, particularly those from Africa and Latin America.”

This trend of increasing Christian migrants has not gone unnoticed by religious observers. Dr Joe Aldred, secretary of the Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs section of the Churches Together in England (CTE) tweeted on @joealdred : “At national Church Planting Consultation. Didn’t know so much going on planting new churches. Christianity making a come back in Britain?”
In the past, the new atheist Richard Dawkins referred to Bible believing/evangelical Christianity as a type of "muscular Christianity".  Given its growth in the UK, this type of Christianity appears to be kicking quite a bit of proverbial sand in the faces of UK militant atheists at the beach. And globally, atheism is losing its market share in terms its percentage of the world population.

Militant atheists, you have no proof and evidence that atheism is valid. And there is plenty of evidence that Christianity is true (see: See: Evidence for Christianity vs. evidence for atheism)  Militant atheists, isn't it time you abandoned your scrawny and dying atheism?

In addition, as can by one of the videos below, Islam is growing fast in the UK.

The British journalist and author Peter Hitchens (the Christian brother of the late Christopher Hitchens who was a prominent atheist) said that the new atheist Richard Dawkins has no real influence on British Muslims and that they could care less about what he says.

Specifically, Peter Hitchens said in February of 2017:
I don't think the Muslim are particularly worried about Richard Dawkins... They don't care what he says. They are not impressed. Their beliefs are unaffected by this sort of thing. 
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