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Why a growing number of Chinese students at U.S. universities are coming home with Christian beliefs.

Please read the articles:

On Campuses Far From China, Still Under Beijing’s Watchful Eye, New York Times, 2017

Leave China, Study in America, Find Jesus, Foreign PolicyForeign Policy, February 11, 2016 


The Guardian has an interesting story about a 17 year old Christian student:

Joshua Wong, the student who risked the wrath of Beijing: ‘It’s about turning the impossible into the possible’, The Guardian, 2017

For a more in depth and scholarly article about the history of Chinese students becoming Christians in America, please read: Religious Conversion to Christianity Among Students from the People’s Republic of China: A Comparative Study

Secular leftists in America, you failed! Universities and colleges are helping to create one of the biggest waves of Christianity in history (see: Cracks in the atheist edificeThe Economist, November 1, 2014)

While you are spending your time preventing Anne Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at University of California, Berkeley, Christian missionaries on college campuses are causing one of biggest declines in global atheism in history. Secular leftists, when are you going to learn? You can't fight the Almighty and win! 

A January 2011 news article entitled Third Church' China's New Face of Christianity indicated:

Christianity in China began decades ago in the countryside, but today, a dramatic shift is happening. 
Young professionals in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai are changing the face of Chinese Christianity, as faith moves from rural to more urban areas.
On a recent Wednesday evening, a group of men and women in their late 20s met in an apartment not too far from the city center to discuss how to thrive in their rapidly changing nation. 
Those who attended are members of China's new privileged class -- highly educated, cosmopolitan, middle or even upper class of urban professionals. And they're all Christians. 
"We've never had it so good in China today," Jia Li Tian, a member of the group, told CBN News. "But there's more to life that just money and materialism."... 
Although Christianity continues to grow in China's countryside, experts say it's in big cities like Beijing where the church is growing fastest. 
"Whereas the rural church was not able to have an impact on society as a whole, the 'Third Church' in the cities is able to do that because they are comprised of leaders who can have an impact," Peter explained. "[They are] businessmen, government officials, professors, leaders in engineering, every aspect of life... 
The Chinese government has always maintained a tight grip on religion. Torture, arrests, imprisonment, and beatings of Christians are still practiced in the country. 
But in recent years, authorities have made positive overtures towards house church leaders -- especially those in urban areas

Admittedly, a large percentage of students who study in America and convert to Christianity backslide and leave Christianity, nevertheless the ones who remain Christians - particularly evangelical Christians - are causing an explosion of Christianity in China (For details see articles below). 

Chinese Converted out West Are Losing Faith Back Home , Foreign Policy, 2017

In China, Unregistered Churches Are Driving a Religious Revolution , The Atlantic, 2017. 

China’s Apparent Lack of Moral Compass Fuels Growth of Christian Churches, Gospel Herald News, 2017

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