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A 3,000 pound Western atheism car is no match for a 1,000,000 pound global desecularization freight train

The current atheist population  mostly resides in East Asia (particularly China) and in secular Europe/Australia primarily among whites

Desecularization is the process by which religion reasserts its societal influence though religious values, institutions, sectors of society and symbols in reaction to previous and/or co-occurring secularization processes. And although atheists and agnostics are loathe to admit it, desecularization can occur at the hand of God as well.

The European website Modern Diplomacy declares that the prominent European philosopher Jürgen Habermas seems to detect a “post-secular” age on the European horizon.

Specifically, Modern Diplomacy states:
But there are signs that the anti-religion virulence is in abeyance in Europe and one who detects those signs is none other than the present day European philosopher Jurgen Habermas. He seems to detect what he calls a “post-secular” age on the European horizon. This has all the self-proclaimed secular humanists, who generally disdain religion and advocate its liquidation, a bit worried lately. Their strident vitriolic statements against religion have been on the increase lately. For they have always fantasized of being at the very cutting edge of what it means to be modern and “enlightened” and now feel such a position challenged not only by theologians and religious leaders but by a philosopher to boot...

Habermas is very much involved in the debate on the EU identity and has even signed manifestos on the same with Umberto Eco, the late Derrida and other influential philosophers. In 2005 Habermas delivered a lecture on the occasion of the Holberg prize which then became an article in 2006. See “Religion in the public sphere” by J. Habermas, in European Journal of Philosophy 14: 1-25. The core of that essay is that “secular citizens in Europe must learn to live, the sooner the better, in a post-secular society and in so doing they will be following the example of religious citizens, who have already come to terms with the ethical expectations of democratic citizenship. So far secular citizens have not been expected to make a similar effort.
On December 23, 2012,  the agnostic and academic Eric Kaufmann, who is author of the book Shall the religious inherit the earth wrote:
I argue that 97% of the world's population growth is taking place in the developing world, where 95% of people are religious.

On the other hand, the secular West and East Asia has very low fertility and a rapidly aging population... In the coming decades, the developed world's demand for workers to pay its pensions and work in its service sector will soar alongside the booming supply of young people in the third world. Ergo, we can expect significant immigration to the secular West which will import religious revival on the back of ethnic change. In addition, those with religious beliefs tend to have higher birth rates than the secular population, with fundamentalists having far larger families. The epicentre of these trends will be in immigration gateway cities like New York (a third white), Amsterdam (half Dutch), Los Angeles (28% white), and London, 45% white British.
Kaufmann told a secular audience in Australia, "The trends that are happening worldwide inevitably in an age of globalization are going to affect us."  See: 3 BAD trends for militant atheists 

On July 24, 2013, CNS News reported:
Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the number of atheists falling from 4.5% of the world’s population in 1970 to 2.0% in 2010 and projected to drop to 1.8% by 2020, according to a new report by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Mass."
Western academics are often uncomfortable talking about desecularization and religions which stress the supernatural. Yet, the American sociologist Peter Berger (who is a Lutheran)  recently indicated, "One can say with some confidence that modern Pentecostalism must be the fastest growing religion in human history."  Berger also said that he previously thought that Pentecostalism did not have a significant future in Europe, but he now sees signs that it might see significant growth in Europe (see: Pentecostalism Invades Lambeth Palace).

Pentecostalism often grows fast in areas undergoing economic distress. Post 2007 there are concerns that Western economies which have high sovereign debt loads could see some significant economic turmoil in coming years - especially the European countries with aging populations that have been struggling in terms of economic growth.

In short, global atheism dominoes are falling and the falling of Western atheism will follow.

New Atheism was a rhetorically militant type of atheism which occurred at the turn of this century and lasted about 7 years or so.  It was largely a reaction to the global resurgence of religion.

Militant atheists, I hope you enjoyed your New Atheism while it lasted. The 20th century where atheism was influential in some areas of the world to varying degrees was just a blip on the history of mankind. The era of 21st century desecularization is about to hit militant atheist like a freight train (See: Growth of desecularization)

Since I know that some atheists are stubborn - particularly militant atheists - I have a few videos below to help illustrate the dominoes of global atheism falling and 21st century desecularization slamming into militant atheism like a freight train.  By the way, as a reminder, a 3,000 pound Western atheism car is no match for a 1,000,000 pound global desecularization freight train.

500,000 dominoes falling 

Videos of freight trains hitting vehicles and a video of a car/train stunt

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